What The Heck Is A Zero Calorie Food?

Right or Wrong?

So zero calorie foods or drinks are good, right?  Wrong.  They contain artificial ingredients that the body not only  does not recognize as food, but also  contain ingredients that may actually be harmful to he gut, brain, and nerve system.  If food has calories that the body utilizes for fuel, what about zero calorie foods?  You guessed it, the zero calorie food is not only toxic, they don’t even contain enough nutrients to sustain life. You might as well eat our cell phone.  There are zero calories in a cell phone.  Essentially you’re dying.  If you are not growing taller or growing at a cellular level with daily healing ….you are dying!!  So you think, “But wait, I am skinny… ‘high school skinny…’ If you’re high school skinny I guarantee you’re not healthy. Especially if you lost the weight by starving yourself.

What Is A Calorie?

What the heck is a zero calorie food?  First of all we need to find out…What is a calorie?  It’s not just what is found in your cookies, ice cream and potato chips,  it’s actually a measurable unit of heat. Your body has to expend energy in the form of calories in order to operate.  So calories are like our batteries.  If I ignited a potato chip until it was dust, the energy emitted, some in the form of heat, are your calories. So, if you eat a non-nutrient dense food that the body cannot utilize and is hard to process;  this food will have a high amount of calories.  If the nutrients are low and your body has no use for them then they do not sufficiently burn and get stored as fat.


Bottom line: even if you think you can live off your body fat, your cells still need daily nutrients… stay away from zero calorie foods.


Move Beter, Fell Better, Be Better!


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