Success Stories

I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 1996.  The disease affects the spinal cord and resulted in sensory loss in the left leg and loss of movement in right leg. I was unable to flex my right foot and my right leg appeared to “drag”. I had to give up walking – my favorite form of exercise and going to football games or other activities that required lots of walking were very difficult for me. No therapy helped me until I went to Dr. Pruni in October of 2011. I began FlexBuilding and getting regular adjustments. I saw  improvement in my mobility immediately and as I continued FlexBuilding I was able to walk without tripping or falling, my stamina improved tremendously, and I was able to resume working out as I had not done in over 15 years. In fact, I have participated in three of Dr. Pruni’s boot camps over the past 2 years! I feel better and I am moving better at 50 than I was at 33!

Thanks for letting me share!

Pam F. Atlanta GA


My name is Buddy and I have been FlexBuilding for almost two years.  I’m 62 years old and have and have  been in pain most of my life after developing Legg-Calve-Perthes disease when I was six.  I have not walked evenly since childhood causing many issues  with stiffness and flexibility.  Three years ago I had a total left hip replacement and began FlexBuilding a year later.  Through FlexBuilding  and working out with Dr. Pruni, I have become more active, lost thirty pounds, have more endurance and do activities I never thought I’d be capable of doing.  In fact, last fall, I participated in my first 5K!  FlexBuilding has become a daily part of my life and I plan on staying active with the FlexBuilding Lifestyle for many years to come.


Buddy T.  Stone Mountain, GA


Best Weight Loss Program

Four months after gastric bypass surgery, I had lost a total of 52 pounds. The next three months, I only lost 10 pounds to my disappointment.
I had just started seeing a chiropractor with a cervical disc problem that was responding very well to adjustments. He also had a unique health plan designed for your body type to lose weight, build muscle mass, and improve your health. So, I decided to see if his FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program could help restart my weight loss.
I was very pleased that in two months of the 12 week program I had lost just over 20 pounds and dropped 2 more dress sizes. I am no longer on prescription medications and feel healthier than I have in years.
The plan is simple with menus that are easy to prepare and family friendly.
Dr Pruni is a trusted member of my health care team.

Cathy Cook, R.N.


Caring, Professional, and Unique Doctor

I am 62 and have been in Dr. Pruni’s care for the last 18 months. He genuinely cares about each patient’s needs. Working with him I have much less pain in my spine and joints, gained muscle strength and lost weight. I have less depression and anxiety and no longer take medication for blood pressure and asthma. I never thought I could feel this good with so much arthritis damage in my spine. I may be older but I am soooo much better than before both physically and mentally. He’s great!

Nancy Burnham


Thank You Dr. Pruni

Dr. Pruni has been treating me for 2 months. I feel so much better after 4 yrs. of Chronic Pain. With Dr. Pruni’s 25 yrs. of experience I was not disappointed. Not only do I feel better, I sleep better and have better emotional well being. Thank you Dr. Pruni for giving me my life back.



A Great Doctor and a Friend

I started going to Dr. Pruni in July 2009 for knee degeneration. I had an ACL surgery 2 years earlier and had clicking and grinding with severe pain ever since surgery. After 2 appointments my pain and the clicking and grinding went away. Every doctor and hospital said I needed total knee replacement. Dr. Pruni saved me thousands and brought back a smile that was lost.
He also repaired the bursitis in my elbow with only treatments.
This guy really knows his stuff.

Steve Holevoet


Great person. Great personality. Great Listener

I was in pain for over 3 weeks going to different Physicians around town. All they would prescribe was pain meds. Not a single one ever took x-rays or tried to figure out was what wrong. I decided to try Dr. Pruni and glad I did. For the first time in 3 weeks I was able to move my head from side to side. Found out I had a pinched nerve (C5). He is a great Dr and all around good guy. He takes the time to listen and has never turned me away when I needed treatment that day. I’ve been going to him for the last 6 months and would recommend him to anyone who wants to get better without pills.



I began going to Dr. Pruni 2 years ago with immense back pain and little flexibility. As a high-level athlete, the pain was inhibiting my performance. After weeks of therapy I had increased my flexibilty and the adjustments had cured the back pain. Now, I have recommended multiple people who all love the treatment that Dr. Pruni and the staff gives. Even if you have little knocks and small pains, I would highly recommend attending this chiropractor as he has done so much for me.

Walker Zimmerman, Professional Soccer Player, FC Dallas

walker soccer ball


Doctor, Cheerleader, Friend

Dr. Pruni has not only made adjustments that have given me neck and back movement without pain, he has provided exercises (some weird but effective)for maintenance. I’m 58 and was embarassed to admit it would take several minutes to walk normally after sitting a while (joints). After just the first adjustment I was unexpectedly delighted to spring up and move without effort.
I’m very active but was putting on weight and “baggage” (see age above). On a lark I tried the FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program and am wildly excited that I not only have lost weight but have lost the “fat pads” on my back and my belly is amazingly flatter. The program takes effort, it is not magic, but when one sees results pretty early on, that’s motivation to continue.
Dr. Pruni and staff are always so upbeat it is never a burden to go for treatments. I have and will continue to enthusiastically endorse Dr. Pruni and his practice.


Well Rounded Fitness

I have been seeing Dr Robert Pruni since July 2010 for Chiropractic care as well as a personal trainer. On the Chropractic side as a result of adjustments of my spine I have experienced increased weight loss, more energy, alertness and stamina which has helped with more efficient workouts. Being that I have hypothyroidism the adjustments have helped with my thyroid glands hence the increased weight loss.

As for the nutrician and physical fitness side I have learned alot about healthy eating, the importance of gaining muscle as it relates to weight loss. I lost 25 pounds, obtained a healthy bmi and fat % of body weight. Additonaly I have hit plateas in the past but during the 12 week FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program I learned from Dr. Pruni how to move past plateas by
crashing your metabolism and using a balanced weight training and cardio
excersise program to move past them.

I have learned valuable healthy lifestyle habits for life
that I will utilize for the rest of my life.



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