Have the Body You Always Wanted: Discover How, For Less than the Cost of a Personal Trainer, You Can Lose Belly Fat Forever --- Let Us Help You STEP-BY-STEP.

ShirtOpenAtlantaFromHipsMy name is Dr. Robert Pruni.

Some people call me “America’s Fittest Doctor” because I’ve been on American Ninja Warrior… others have called me “Celebrity Fitness Coach” because I’ve worked with countless Hollywood stars. The truth is, I’ll answer to either one… and I’ll be the kind of coach you need me to be. Let me show you a program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

I developed the FlexBuilding LIfestyle Program because I kept seeing the same thing: people walk through the door of my office… hunched over, overweight, and unhealthy.  And when we talked I could sense their desperation. THEY WANTED SOMETHING THAT WORKS. 


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FlexBuilding LifeStyle Program:

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A New Way to Move. A New Way to Live.


20 years ago, we started as a workout and stretching regimen, but now we have a lifestyle program:

  • Learn about how YOU specifically need to workout to lose weight. Forget generic plans. YOU MUST know your body type. This program will teach you how figure out which plan is right for you.
  • Discover recipes that fuel your specific body type
  • Learn all the secrets that make you look young again
  • Take part in the program that’s worked for over 10,000 people
  • Enjoy 5 e-books, crammed with hundreds of pages of AMAZING content, and 5 videos that make up the FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program
  • Get instant access to our Exclusive FlexBuilding Membership


Our Lifestyle Program Includes:


FlexBuilding Healthy Exercise GuideBook
  • Receive all 27 chapters of pain relieving movements
  • Improve strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve coordination
  • Decrease stress and fatigue


($24.95 value) 

Know Your Body Type & Unlock Your Broken Metabolism

In order to lose weight, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE. With this product:

  • Learn your body type and its importance
  • Understand that comparing yourself to anyone else is ludicrous; it’s like comparing a Ferrari and a Bentley. Both great cars, but different. DIFFERENT BODIES EXERCISE DIFFERENTLY!!!
  • UNLOCK the secret to getting that metabolism going again! 



($12.95 value)

Eat Right Forever Based Upon Your Body Type

No matter how little you eat, if you’re putting the wrong fuel into your specific body type… YOUR BODY WILL NOT BURN IT. 

Thousands of other diet plans are offering you the wrong plan for your specific body type.

What you’re doing is counterproductive!!

  • Learn how to eat the CORRECT way for YOU!!! 
  • Learn over 100 delicious meals that work for your body type



($12.95 value)


Burn More Fat By Learning the Basics of Weight Training

Why is it that distance runners who are thin have a higher percentage of body fat than weight training athletes who weigh 50-100 lbs more?




($12.95 value)

Eat Your Way Lean with ALL Your Favorite Foods

How is it possible to eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight?

Start living your life again, and quit starving yourself to get into your favorite jeans. 

Food is a big part of enjoying life, particularly with your family. Learn how to enjoy food and still be healthy.



($8.95 value)

Video Content: GET RID of that Stubborn Belly Fat

Youth Starts From the Inside Out

YouthStartsCover (1)

 ($125.00 value)

Can You Believe This Is Me 20 Years Later?

For most people, you can guess their age just by looking at their posture. This doesn’t have to be the case! Learn in this video the secrets my patients learn on their first visits to my office.  

Gut Shredding High Intensity Ab Workout with Hollywood Stuntman, Todd Terry

Gut Shredding cover

 ($59.95 value) 

Dr. Pruni and Hollywood Stuntman, Todd Terry rip it up with this incredible out of the box abdominal workout.  This is your workout following the “Youth Starts From Inside Out”  video above. 


Gut Shredding: Home Edition


 ($19.95 value) 

What if you don’t have access to a gym? What if you don’t have the easy equipment needed to do abdominal workouts? That’s why we made this. It’s a peel back version of the Gut Shredding High Intensity Ab Workout. It was shot in a kitchen, so you can do it in your kitchen. 


Stay Young For the Next 100 Years!


($69.95 value) 

Watch this video and discover how to have beautiful, youthful skin & muscle tone.  I used this exercise for years with our clients in my medical day spa in conjunction with their facial treatments.  Other bonus youth secrets  revealed in my interview with NPC Bikini Competitor Leah Cunningham! 

FlexBuilding Workout Video: featuring four professional athletes


($29.95 value)

FlexBuilding is proven for athletes and even those with arthritis. Watch our first video that has been helping thousands all over the country for 20 years. IT WORKED THEN. IT WORKS NOW. 

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 10.45.54 PM

OVER 10,000 REGULAR People Have Improved Their Lives With My Program

I’ve been helping celebrities, rock stars, professional athletes and folks just like you for over two decades. Be Fit, Be Healthy & Be Young with my FlexBuilding Lifestyle. 

What Customers Say:


“I am 62 and have been in Dr. Pruni’s care for the last 18 months. He genuinely cares about each patient’s needs. Working with him I have much less pain in my spine and joints, gained muscle strength and lost weight. I have less depression and anxiety and no longer take medication for blood pressure and asthma. I never thought I could feel this good with so much arthritis damage in my spine. I may be older but I am soooo much better than before both physically and mentally. He’s great!”
Nancy Burnham

“I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 1996.  The disease affects the spinal cord and resulted in sensory loss in the left leg and loss of movement in right leg. I was unable to flex my right foot and my right leg appeared to “drag”. I had to give up walking – my favorite form of exercise and going to football games or other activities that required lots of walking were very difficult for me. No therapy helped me until I went to Dr. Pruni in October of 2011. I began FlexBuilding and getting regular adjustments. I saw  improvement in my mobility immediately and as I continued FlexBuilding I was able to walk without tripping or falling, my stamina improved tremendously, and I was able to resume working out as I had not done in over 15 years. In fact, I have participated in three of Dr. Pruni’s boot camps over the past 2 years! I feel better and I am moving better at 50 than I was at 33!

Thanks for letting me share!”

Pam F. Atlanta GA

My name is Buddy and I have been FlexBuilding for almost two years.  I’m 62 years old and have and have  been in pain most of my life after developing Legg-Calve-Perthes disease when I was six.  I have not walked evenly since childhood causing many issues  with stiffness and flexibility.  Three years ago I had a total left hip replacement and began FlexBuilding a year later.  Through FlexBuilding  and working out with Dr. Pruni, I have become more active, lost thirty pounds, have more endurance and do activities I never thought I’d be capable of doing.  In fact, last fall, I participated in my first 5K!  FlexBuilding has become a daily part of my life and I plan on staying active with the FlexBuilding Lifestyle for many years to come.
Buddy T. Stone Mountain, GA

“I began going to Dr. Pruni 2 years ago with immense back pain and little flexibility. As a high-level athlete, the pain was inhibiting my performance. After weeks of FlexBuilding I had increased my flexibilty and had cured the back pain. Now, I have recommended multiple people who all love the treatment that Dr. Pruni’s program gives. Even if you have little knocks and small pains, I would highly recommend attending looking into what this chiropractor has to offer.”
Walker Zimmerman, Professional Soccer Player, FC Dallas

I have been seeing Dr. Robert Pruni since July 2010… in regards to my nutritional and physical fitness side I have learned alot about healthy eating, the importance of gaining muscle as it relates to weight loss. I lost 25 pounds, obtained a healthy bmi and fat % of body weight. Additonaly I have hit plateaus in the past but during the 12 week FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program I learned from Dr. Pruni how to move past plateaus by crashing your metabolism and using a balanced weight training and cardio excersise program to move past them. I have learned valuable healthy lifestyle habits for life that I will utilize for the rest of my life.”



100% Risk Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All of this content is probably making you excited about potentially owning the FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program and having the body of your dreams; but before we finish, I want to do one more thing that makes you feel confident in your decision– and that’s tell you my 100%, money-back guarantee.

Honestly, I value you. I want to create a lifelong friendship where I thank you for believing in my program, and over time you can thank me for changing the trajectory of your health. Many others in this field would never dream of doing what I am about to do, but I believe in my program. I also believe in starting this relationship and health journey on the right note.

I am totally comfortable offering every customer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. Here’s the way it works: If after 90 days, the FlexBuilding program is anything less than you expected– you use it and don’t get results… I will immediately refund every single penny that you paid. It’s that simple.

The FlexBuilding team puts its money where its mouth is because we have spent decades perfecting a program that will help you get results. We are second to none, but if for any reason you don’t agree, we will give you the money back! As you can see, the risk is all on us.


Here is everything you get if you order the FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program:


FlexBuilding Healthy Exercise Guidebook

Know Your Body Type & Unlock Your Broken Metabolism

Eat Right Forever Based Upon Your Body Type

Burn More Fat By Learning the Basics of Weight Training

Eat Your Way Lean with ALL Your Favorite Foods

Video: Youth Starts From the Inside Out

Video: Gut Shredding Ab Workout

Video: Gut Shredding: Home Edition

Video: Stay Young For the Next 100 Years

Video: Flexbuilding Workout Video
















Total: $390.00
But that’s not what you will pay
Option #1  Our FlexBuilding Lifestyle clients pay up to  $270.00 for a consult and Lifestyle coaching.  This is yours free for purchasing the program today!


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