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My name is Dr. Robert Pruni. I’ve been called “America’s Fittest Doctor,”  featured by American Ninja Warrior, and used as a personal trainer by countless Hollywood stars. Along the way to gaining that title and becoming a successful trainer, I discovered the BIGGEST secret to make more $$$$ than you ever thought you could in personal training. Are you ready?

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I have been helping celebrities, rock stars, professional athletes and folks just like you for over two decades Be Fit, Be Healthy & Be Young with my FlexBuilding Lifestyle. 

What My Lifelong Clients Say:

“I’ve never written a review but I have to. I am compelled. I am so grateful to this author for his work because it changed the trajectory of my soccer players  life–from a vortex of recurrent injury to new freedom to play the game. He is now turning pro. This FlexBuilding was healing for him but also caused him to excel. My son had hit a wall. He was trading one injury for another. We prayed. We heard of a personal trainer in our area who had had unusual results with his clients—Dr. Pruni, the author of FlexBuilding. I watched as Dr. Pruni began the hamstring FlexBuilding. In five minutes, my son’s leg flexibility had increased to the point where he was almost touching his nose with his leg.We continued FlexBuilding sessions (as described in separate exercises in this book) for several months. I kept waiting for the next injury but it didn’t come. Parents on the sidelines were saying things to me like “Your son seems faster.” and “He looks like a different player.” He was more flexible, running faster, jumping higher and had more confidence–not kidding. I believe in the FlexBuilding process because I have seen the fruit of it firsthand. I don’t understand all of the scientific explanation as to why it works but what matters to me is that it works. We feel like we have found a treasure, a secret process that my son can carry with him throughout his pro career to give him an edge. There are times as a parent when you reach the end of what you know but need more to help you help your child. Then a passionate person with a God-given gift, like Dr. Pruni, comes alongside with a genius FlexBuilding process and you have hope again…wow…just wow.”
Becky Z., Soccer Mom
“I am 62 and have been in Dr. Pruni’s care for the last 18 months. He genuinely cares about each client’s needs. Working with him I have much less pain in my spine and joints, gained muscle strength and lost weight. I have less depression and anxiety and no longer take medication for blood pressure and asthma. I never thought I could feel this good with so much arthritis damage in my spine. I may be older but I am soooo much better than before both physically and mentally. He’s great!”
Nancy Burnham

“I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 1996.  The disease affects the spinal cord and resulted in sensory loss in the left leg and loss of movement in right leg. I was unable to flex my right foot and my right leg appeared to “drag”. I had to give up walking – my favorite form of exercise and going to football games or other activities that required lots of walking were very difficult for me. Nothing helped me until I went to personal trainer Dr. Pruni in October of 2011. I began FlexBuilding and getting regular adjustments. I saw improvement in my mobility immediately and as I continued FlexBuilding I was able to walk without tripping or falling, my stamina improved tremendously, and I was able to resume working out as I had not done in over 15 years. In fact, I have participated in three of Dr. Pruni’s boot camps over the past 2 years! I feel better and I am moving better at 50 than I was at 33! Thanks for letting me share!”
Pam F. Atlanta GA
My name is Buddy and I have been FlexBuilding for almost two years.  I’m 62 years old and have and have  been in pain most of my life after developing Legg-Calve-Perthes disease when I was six.  I have not walked evenly since childhood causing many issues  with stiffness and flexibility.  Three years ago I had a total left hip replacement and began FlexBuilding a year later.  Through FlexBuilding and working out with Dr. Pruni, I have become more active, lost thirty pounds, have more endurance and do activities I never thought I’d be capable of doing. In fact, last fall, I participated in my first 5K!  FlexBuilding has become a daily part of my life and I plan on staying active with the FlexBuilding Lifestyle for many years to come.
Buddy T. Stone Mountain, GA
“I began going to Dr. Pruni 2 years ago with immense back pain and little flexibility. As a high-level athlete, the pain was inhibiting my performance. After weeks of FlexBuilding I had increased my flexibilty and had cured the back pain. Now, I have recommended multiple people who all love the help that Dr. Pruni’s program gives. Even if you have little knocks and small pains, I would highly recommend attending looking into what this personal trainer has to offer.”
Walker Zimmerman, Professional Soccer Player, FC Dallas
I have been seeing Dr. Robert Pruni since July 2010… in regards to my nutritional and physical fitness side I have learned alot about healthy eating, the importance of gaining muscle as it relates to weight loss. I lost 25 pounds, obtained a healthy bmi and fat % of body weight. Additonaly I have hit plateaus in the past but during the 12 week FlexBuilding Lifestyle Program I learned from Dr. Pruni how to move past plateaus by crashing your metabolism and using a balanced weight training and cardio excersise program to move past them. I have learned valuable healthy lifestyle habits for life that I will utilize for the rest of my life.”


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This offer is probably making you excited about potentially owning the Personal Training FlexBuilding Video and having more clients; but before we finish, I want to do one more thing that makes you feel confident in your decision– and that’s tell you my 100%, money-back guarantee. Honestly, I value you. I want to create a lifelong friendship where I thank you for believing in my program, and over time you can thank me for changing the trajectory of your business. Many others in this field would never dream of doing what I am about to do, but I believe in my program. I also believe in starting this relationship and health journey on the right note. I am totally comfortable offering every customer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. Here’s the way it works: If after 90 days, the FlexBuilding Personal Training video is anything less than you expected– you use it and don’t get results… I will immediately refund every single penny that you paid. It’s that simple. The FlexBuilding team puts its money where its mouth is because we have spent decades perfecting a program that will help you get results. We are second to none, but if for any reason you don’t agree, we will give you the money back! As you can see, the risk is all on us.

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