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CrossFit Lilburn 678

April 3rd, 2014 | CrossFit, Exercise, Flexibility, Muscles, Range of Motion, Wellness, Workout | 0 Comments

CrossFit Lilburn 678

CrossFit Lilburn 678 (FlexFit) Ninja Warrior competition

March 20th, 2014 | CrossFit, Exercise, Flexibility, Muscles, Muscular Endurance, Ninja Warrior Competition, Range of Motion, Wellness, Workout | 0 Comments

Thanks Bootie Cochran for an awesome video of CrossFit Lilburn 678 (FlexFit Gym’s) First Ninja Warrior Competition!

4 Minute Workout That’s Better Than 30 Minutes Of Cardio

August 28th, 2013 | Exercise, Workout | 0 Comments

There’s a new 4 minute addiction that’s sweeping the nation that’s proven to be BETTER THAN

4 Minute Workout That’s Better Than 30 Minutes Of Cardio

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using workout “finishers” style of
training against long cardio. Read More

My Experience as an American Ninja Warrior 2013

July 1st, 2013 | Flexibility, Muscles, Workout | 3 Comments

My Experience as an American Ninja Warrior 2013

I had the incredible opportunity to be chosen and compete on the NBC and G4 television obstacle course show American Ninja Warrior.  The show will air July 1st with a two hour special and the first qualifying city.   The show is so much more than the petty drama you see on other reality television. Other shows dramatize the drama between the contestants.  The typical American audience appears to prefer that type of show based upon the success of the emotional drama and shock value. I want to tell you about a different kind of story… here is my experience as an American Ninja Warrior. 

The Inside Scoop

American Ninja Warrior competitors are a completely different breed. We stood outside the course for between 4-6 hours  a couple days before the run strategizing about how to beat the tried and true obstacles present at every qualifier. We then would study the new ones discussing past seasons and Sasuke the original show in Japan and how the competitors ran and effectively conquered the new challenges. 

     So I found myself backstage as it were our “warm up” area and assumed everyone would have their game face on. Everyone did and was intensely serious about their shot. Every competitor had their own personal story that created this burning desire to be the best on this course, the best against everyone else and the best against everyone else who had come before them in this season and in seasons past.  The complete paradox of this athlete’s mentality is someone would run,  struggle with an obstacle return to the warm up area after their 1-5 minute time in the spotlight and passionately tell the next competitor watch out for this. This obstacle you need to move your body this way, keep your legs up, throw your chest forward, leap from here, bend your knees and in and so on.  Are you kidding me?  What is happening here? Are you trying sabotage me? The answer to all of the above is no!  First-timers  like me and veterans alike after the months and for some years of training to beat the course and other competitors just willingly give up all their secrets to help someone perform better. It is true.  Until I sequestered myself in this environment I could have never understood this mentality. 

A new breed of athlete.

     Sure I have always jumped to help someone in competition who needed me but it ultimately it never affected my outcome.  Now that I have had the honor  of sharing the “stage” course with my Ninja brothers and sisters I get it. The best of the best don’t want that honor unless they know you are at your best. If that means teaching you what they know then so be it. I then found myself doing the exact same thing with athletes who followed me. Strangely the same phenomenon occurred in the stands according to my wife Stephanie.  I have found a lifestyle and camaraderie of  individuals that I look forward to competing against and with for many years to come.  Denver competitors Best of luck.  We will all be rooting for you!


Robert  Pruni

America’s Fittest Doctor


M.O.V.E.: Motivation to be healthy

June 26th, 2013 | Exercise, Health Care, Muscular Endurance, Range of Motion, Wellness, Workout | 0 Comments

M.O.V.E.  Motivation to be healthy.

Motivate, Organize, Visualize, Execute.

It doesn’t take much. Get off the technology. I hear everyday in my practice “…you don’t understand doc. I need to get things done and I have to be “connected.  My people need me. I work constantly. If I didn’t have my cell phone, computer etc. I would never get done.  How is this?  How did we as a race build pyramids, discover new worlds across the ocean, put someone in outer space. We did all of this without cell phones and technology that keeps us not in constant contact but in a vegetative “zombie” state. We are spending more on health care than ever before and we are sicker than we have ever been in history.  Put down your smart phones and MOVE.

Motivation to be healthy.

Motivation can come from within or outside.  It is usually helpful to have someone alongside you.  You can then hold each other accountable.

Organize to be healthy.

Organize:  This means you have to plan.  Failing to plan means you are planning to fail.

Visualize to be healthy.

Visualize:  See in your minds eye exactly every detail of your successful outcome and use your organizational plan to achieve it!


Finally, Execute:  Sitting on the couch with all the best positive thoughts in the world will not get you your ideal goals.  Part of your execution is the planning to commit to a workout, eating plan and specific times to do so.  Do not waiver from this.  Oh you say your life got in the way.  My patients ran over.  That is my big rationalization.  Fill in your own lame excuse here.  If something gets in your way.  Then you did not do step two properly and plan.  Let’s end this Zombie Apocalypse!

Make Money As a Personal Trainer

June 22nd, 2013 | Health Care, Workout | 0 Comments

Make Money As a Personal Trainer

I’ve been called “America’s Fittest Doctor,”  featured by American Ninja Warrior, and used as a personal trainer by countless Hollywood stars. Along the way to gaining that title and becoming a successful trainer, I discovered the BIGGEST secret to make more $$$$ than you ever thought you could in personal training. Are you ready?


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Ninja Workout for muscular endurance

January 23rd, 2012 | Exercise, Muscles, Muscular Endurance, Workout | 6 Comments

Pick three of your favorite abdominal movements. Do a light jog or jump rope for two minutes. Pull ups to failure then abdominal movement #1. Push ups to failure (shoot for 100) then abdominal movement #2. Body Squats to failure between 100-200, then abdominal movement #3. Repeat for muscular endurance. Puking is optional. Source: Spartan WOD

FlexBuilding Muscle Fiber Stretching Helps Restore Muscle Function Following Surgery

January 10th, 2011 | Exercise, Flexibility, Health Care, Muscles, Range of Motion, Wellness, Workout | 36 Comments

The following video testimonial from Eric Whitehorn is only one example of how much relief and restoration of muscle function can be achieved with the use of chiropractic adjustments and the use of FlexBuilding, a unique system of stretching muscle fiber.   Eric was a personal trainer when he had a seizure one day and subsequently learned he had a brain turmor which required immediate surgery.

After brain surgery, additional surgery was required to Eric’s shoulders.   Eric suffered complete dislocation of both shoulders with full thickness tears of the rotator cuff muscles. I began treating Eric with FlexBuilding movements to restore function to the muscles and tendons.  Regular FlexBuilding stretching is done each week and he continues his recovery.

Eric is now back in the gym working and seeing clients on a regular basis.

Some of the FlexBuilding moves used with Eric will be featured in upcoming blogs.



The Right Time

January 4th, 2011 | Exercise, Flexibility, Health Care, Wellness, Workout | 84 Comments

Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone,

Because I am not one to put out much fluff and I get right to the issues, let’s talk about timing.

Have you said it is not the right time to eat healthy, or it is not the right time to start working out (maybe after the holiday), or it is not the right time to have a baby, or to go back to college, or to propose to your sweetheart, or whatever your personal desires may be that you have been putting off?  Timing seems to be a common way to pacify our minds and hearts whenever we are confronted by some “opportunity” that makes us feel we are stepping outside our comfort zone.  Immediately our radar goes up, wariness sets in and excuses begin.

Do you remember a time in your life when everything seemed to just click?  What did you do to get there?  If that worked then, what are you doing to remain there?  Oprah had a show where all of the women had lost over 100 pounds but gained it all back.  They went through their stories of woe and the “victim” mentality, but no one mentioned why they stopped doing what initially worked to take the weight off.  Why do we continually talk about the glory days of what we used to be, but are unwilling to continue to do what got us there in the first place?

Go back to the gym.  Change your eating habits. Do those daily “sweet” things for your spouse.  Set realistic goals and write them down.  And I have to be self serving for a moment–get your adjustments.  Immerse yourself in a wellness environment and hang out with like minded people.  If you hang out with drunks you become a drunk.

Timing seems to be a wonderful excuse many of us use to pacify our minds and hearts whenever we are confronted by some “opportunity” that makes us feel like we are stepping out of our comfort zone, something makes us feel challenged and our radar goes up, and the excuses begin.  We say, “I am going to better my life after the holidays once I get these bills paid from holiday spending,” or, “When the weather gets a little nicer this spring, maybe after Memorial Day.”  Then, Memorial Day become the Fourth of July, and its “I’m very busy this summer so this fall I will work on my goals right after Halloween.”  That turns into, “The house needs a lot of work to get ready for Thanksgiving,” and as my daughter, Makenna, would say, “Wow-Wow” it’s the holidays.

I do not want to be the bummer coach, but for most folks it means we are stuck in a rut and next year will not bring about some wonderful turnaround.  You see…timing is an excuse for most people.  It is an excuse difficult for someone else to counter because they are not in your shoes, but they do understand it from their own perspective.  Opportunities are like butterflies.  They often are right there and are beautiful in front of your nose but instead of seizing the moment, you shoo it away like some bothersome fly, and say, “The timing is just not right.”

As a wellness coach it is my responsibility to help you realize your dreams and keep moving forward.  Quit being paralyzed by your rational mind and commit to something.  Find someone to hold you accountable.  Now is the right time!!!

Dr. Pruni

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