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Full Range of Motion is Relative

October 25th, 2012 | Range of Motion | 1 Comment

Full Range of Motion is relative. When I train patients and clients and they cannot perform a particular movement due to pain or a structural dysfunction their full range of motion is going to be different than mine and mine is different than an Olympic Gymnast. What is important is just moving and consistently challenging your body within a pain free range of motion. The range will gradually improve and even if it doesn’t the benefit gained is well worth performing the new movement modified to recruit new fibers establish new motor pathways or try to reconnect the normal nerve muscle pathways that were altered due to injury.

Positive thinking is where change starts but the repeated action creates the habit!

October 12th, 2012 | Wellness | 2 Comments

Let us think about this for a moment:
We have routines we follow everyday.  Things we do on auto-pilot.  They are simple and mindless and done usually effortlessly.  We don’t think about them.

For example:
You sit at the same spot in your living room to watch television.
When you stand you lean, cross your arms and bend your knee the exact same way.
Doing it the other way is somehow “uncomfortable.”
You visit the same Convenience store for your coffee or tea.
You get your hair done every 4 weeks,
You park your car in the same spot.
You sleep on the same side of the bed.
You always put the same foot forward when going up or down stairs.
The phone is always held to the same ear.

Our lives are filled with thousands of rituals we don’t even think about.
The problem is health is not one of them.  We never concern ourselves until it becomes a crises.  Making a commitment to establishing good healthy habits is easy once begun.  “Once begun half done” … Mary Poppins.  In the beginning we have to force the change to happen  then it becomes a habit and then the magic begins.    Our eating healthy, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, performing a few minutes morning and night of FlexBuilding and other exercise and daily practice of mindful relaxation techniques becomes a “mindless” ritual and does not “cost” us additional time.  Let’s create new good habits that become our mindless rituals.

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