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Weight Loss and Healthy Living

September 17th, 2012 | Flexibility | 2 Comments

Everyday I hear the question in my office what am I supposed to eat to be healthy?  If you talk to 100 different diet gurus you will get 100 different answers.  I have two different videos on You Tube describing this in detail the First one is Lose Weight Part 1 that talks about proteins.  The second one is Lose Weight Part 2 and discusses carbohydrates.  The third one on fats will be coming soon.  Let’s dive right in.  If you were to start today what advice would I have for you without performing an exam or knowing your history and still be safe.  First cut out anything processed in a can or box.  These items are loaded with sodium, preservatives and neurotoxins that will halt the fat burning process.  Introduce protein first thing in the morning.  Not hungry?  That is because your metabolism is in the crapper.  Every three hours have a small protein source.  Worried about your kidneys?  Move your body!  The mild increase from your normal intake particularly after cutting the junk will enhance your muscle density and metabolize more fat.   In other words you will be utilizing the additional protein.  Eating the natural fats that are in your lean protein sources should be adequate for fat intake.  As your activity level increases the amount of EFA and DHA’s(good fats) can increase.  Remember these are minimal basic guidelines.  There are many variables.  Age, how much extra body fat you are carrying, what your activity level is, are there any metabolic or hormonal conditions, how much you can increase your activity based upon your current level of condition, age, degenerative changes.  Yes, even whether you are male or female.  Sorry ladies men burn more fat faster.  We can also grow beards.  I’m sure that is not a desirable characteristic for the ladies.

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