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Holiday Over Indulging

November 30th, 2010 | Exercise, Flexibility, Health Care, Wellness | 25 Comments

Okay, I did not get the opportunity to blog before Thanksgiving to give you the inspirational talk saying don’t over indulge in eating, drinking, etc.  However, now that the Thanksgiving holiday excess is over, what about the next five weeks?  Before you beat yourself up that you did, in fact, say “just one more sweet potato, piece of turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, pie, spoonful of stuffing…” well, you get the picture, (you are laughing to yourself because it is true) there is a way out of this.

If you are trying to lose weight or trying to stick to an exercise program during the holiday, instead of making unrealistic goals just know that you are going to cut back on training, spend more time with family and hit it harder in a few weeks.  For now just coast.   What I have observed as a wellness consultant over twenty years is the “all or nothing” stance like, “I blew my diet so *&%# it, I am not exercising and I am going to eat whatever I want because it doesn’t matter anyway.”  Remember, “coasting” does not mean doing nothing.  You can always do FlexBuilding at home.

I hear the laughter again.  Laughing is good, at least that is a healthy release of emotion.  What is the goal behind your diet and exercise?  Isn’t it a better quality of life.  The old saying “Everything in Moderation” is timeless.  Straying from your diet and exercise to enjoy other aspects of life is well….LIFE.

Also, the new book is out and the FlexBuilding video ($29.94) to work along with the book is $24.95.  Just for the Holiday Season from December 1 to December 22 at 5:oo pm the book and video combination is only $34.95.   To order call 770-979-FLEX (3539).

Many Blessings to all of you this holiday and always,

Dr. Robert Pruni

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Greetings from Dr. Robert Pruni, DC

November 4th, 2010 | Exercise, Flexibility, Health Care, Wellness | 13 Comments

The FlexBuilding Total Wellness blog is dedicated to all things natural.  It is my goal to educate as many people as possible about natural health, peak performance, optimal wellness, and how to establish a better mind-body connection.  Some of the concepts will originate from my own materials.  On some other concepts I will offer my opinions as to the benefit and value of other natural health approaches.  Topics will include everything from my full range of motion stretching with full range of motion resistance workout rehabilitation called FlexBuilding, to other options such as weight lifting, weight loss, neurofeedback training, and how the brain can be reprogrammed in cases of neurological disregulation syndromes.

It is also the intent of this blog to offer safe alternatives for highly ineffective, overutilized medical procedures and medication.  It is my genuine interest to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of all types of health care, medical or otherwise, and offer opinions so readers can make well thought-out , educated decisions in their own health care.

Many of you have heard the saying, “Nothing or no one is all good or all bad.”  The same holds true with professions and businesses.  It is our job as health care consumers to take in as much information as possible and formulate our own best strategy.  After all, this is the information age.

I look forward to sharing with you.

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